A checker for project owners to measure their open source project if welcoming or not.

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Property Value
code WOSPM0024
message README file should have a contributors section or a link to contributors list.
type MetricType::ERROR


Open source projects long last with the help of contributors. Even if you do not have any contributors yet, putting a contributors section will show your approach to the public. If you do not prefer to put a section on README (because of big number of contributors, etc.), a link to the contributors list will be also ok.

Be nice with people that helped you! Some open source projects like gatsby reward contributors with goodies. If you can’t afford that, do a public post (on twitter or other platforms) about the contribution and mention the author (here is an example of public thanks). Open a Contributors section in your README to publicly thank them or showcase them on your project documentation or website. Open source promotion cheat sheet